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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sharing Happiness - Share Happiness with family and friends

Let me ask a question. How often do you send out cards to your family and friends? Would you say once a month or maybe less? I used to be the same way. As a matter of fact, until just a couple years ago, I never sent out cards to family and friends for holidays, birthday's, anniversary's, etc. Probably because it just wasn't convenient to go to the store and try to find a card, then go to the post office and get stamps and mail it off. Not to mention I just didn't have the time with my busy schedule.
It's very easy to overlook the little things in life. And once you realize what you have been missing, it can totally change your perspective on life. Everyone would probably agree that family comes first, then your friends. Do you take the time to let them know how much they mean to you or how much you appreciate them? How often does someone let you know they are thinking about you? It seems like a little thing, but there's no doubt it makes you feel good inside.
If you think about it, there are many ways to let someone know they are in your thoughts. You can give them a call, visit them, send an email, or even a card or gift in the mail. Today it seems family and friends are not always around the corner or even in the same town, maybe even across the country. They could possibly even be over seas, if they are in the military for example. Depending on where they are can change how often you get to talk to them or even see them.
I want you to think for a moment of at least 5 people that you haven't spoken to for more than 1 month or even longer. They can be family, long time friends, or whoever. Now think how you would feel if the next time you got around to contacting them, and they were not there anymore. Maybe they moved on in their life, maybe (hopefully not) they passed away. How would it make you feel to know you have lost them forever?
I can tell you from experience that throughout my life growing up there were MANY people I wish I was still in contact with. Though, by not paying attention to the little things and keeping in contact, I have lost them forever. All it would have taken was maybe just a phone call or a short visit, but instead all I worried about was myself.
Today, I'm here to ask you...

Take the time to notice the little things in life and take nothing or no one for granted.

Ponder these thoughts until next time and I will show you ways to change your life for the better. Learn how easy it is to let people know that YOU are thinking about them. Keep that bond strong and cherish what you have in life.
Until next time my Friends, share happiness and give a smile.
Chris Bennett
Sharing Happiness

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